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Clinical Dermatology

“IS IT SKIN CANCER?: Recognizing Suspicious Lesions”

Advanced Practice, 2011

“Insights in Treating Acne Vulgaris”

BMC Today, 2011

“Rosacea Overview: Patients require attention to skin care and self-esteem”

Advanced for Nurse Practitioners and
Physician Assistants, 2011

“Product Selection and Dispensing in a
New Health Care Era”

The Dermatologist, 2011

“The Life Of A Surgical Physician Assistant”

The Dermatologist, 2010

“Knowing Your Scope of Practice”

The Dermatologist, 2010

“Fall 2009 Journal of Dermatology for Physician Assistants”

ISSUU, 2009

“Physician Assistants in Dermatology”

The Dermatologist, 2009

“Tanning comes with risk, but that doesn’t stop students”

Central Florida Future, 2008

“Skin and Sea: National Melanoma Month”

National Melanoma Month, 2008/2009

“Skin and Sea: Question Answer”

Question Answer, 2008/2009

“Skin and Sea: Question Answer part II”

Question Answer part II, 2008/2009

“Skin and Sea: Question Answer part III”

Question Answer part III, 2008/2009

“Skin and Sea: Rosacea”

Rosacea, 2008/2009

“Skin and Sea: Skin Facts”

Skin Facts, 2008/2009

“Skin and Sea: Sun Safety”

Sun Safety, 2008/2009

“Skin and Sea: Treatment of Skin Pre Cancers”

Treatment of Skin Pre Cancers, 2008/2009

“A Healthy Day at the Beach”

Parents Magazine, 2008

“Sun’s Kiss Isn’t Always Sweet”

Orlando Sentinel, 2008

Skin and Sea: Rosacea

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